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Monday, 20 Nov 2017

Cambois RC
Cambois arc


Cambois Rowing Club has been supported by the following:

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust
The Coalfields Regeneration Trust

Banks Community Fund
The Banks Community Fund

Barrington Metalworks Ltd
Barrington Metalworks Ltd

Dowding & Mills
Dowding and Mills Calibration Ltd

We appreciate support from a wide range of sponsors in previous years.

Welcome to the Cambois Rowing Club website. Please use the links above to find out more about our friendly, successful rowing club that is open to all. Want to try your hand at competing ? or simply to get fit while having fun sitting down ! We have a very strong competitive membership of Juniors, Veterans and Seniors along with casual rowers including Ladies only crews, backed by a willing team of coaches (including some world Champions !).

Come down. Have fun. Happy rowing !

Latest News

13 Nov 2017Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is to be held on Tuesday, 21st November 2017 at 7.00 pm in the boathouse.

Open to all members.

19 Oct 2017LDS and SBH Parking and Documents

Hi All,

as per the regatta we are not allowed to use the grassed area for parking for the LDS. Can you please use the following parking areas. Only trailers can use the road to the boathouse.

Parking Map

Fingers crossed for the weather at the weekend.

Risk Assessment

Safety Instructions

Course Map

25 May 2017Regatta Parking

As a result of the bad weather we experienced at the JIRR trials the council have forbidden us to use the grass between the clubhouse road and the bridge for parking of cars.  Cars with trailers can still use the grass infront of the clubhouse as normal.  Alternative parking is therefore using the car park on the opposite side of the road, or in the industrial estate up the hill from the rowing club or at the riverside park.

Parking Map